Forward (Norway)

Forward began with a two-week sailing expedition in and around the fjords of the Svalbard archipelago, located halfway between Norway and the North Pole, with the Arctic Circle program. The play was developed over three years in the US and Norway. Collaborating artists include Tale Naess, dramaturg; Aggie Petersen (also known as Aggie Frost), composer; and Jennifer Vellenga, director.

Forward presents a poetic history of energy development in Norway from the initial passion that drove explorer Fridtjof Nansen to the North Pole, to the consequences of decades of fossil fuel addiction. A blend of theatre and electropop music, the play progresses backwards from 2013 to 1893, and zeroes in on close to 40 characters whose day-to-day lives illustrate how the choices we make often have unintended consequences. Woven through this history is the passionate love affair between Nansen and the character Ice. Forward takes a compassionate look at the legacies we leave behind, and at what we are willing to do for love.

Forward takes its title from Nansen’s ship Fram, the Norwegian word for “forward.”


Kansas State University, 2016.


Readings & Workshops

The Brick (Brooklyn, NY), 2017
Rådstua Teaterhus in collaboration with Hålogaland Teater (Norway), 2015
Akvavit Theatre (Chicago, IL), 2014
SoriaLab in collaboration with Ensemble Free Theater Norway (Norway), 2013
Kansas State University, 2013




Kansas State University, 2016


Rehearsal at Rådstua Teaterhus, Norway, 2015. © Clay Myers-Bowman.

Rehearsal at Rådstua Teaterhus, Norway, 2015. © Clay Myers-Bowman.

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