No More Harveys (United States)

No More Harveys is currently in development. Research for this play took place over two trips: The first trip was in the Alaska Interior and the second trip in nine communities of Southeast Alaska – Anchorage, Homer, Kodiak, Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Kake, and Ketchikan. The last trip was part of the Tidelines Ferry Tour supported by the Island Institute.

No More Harveys is a one-woman show about the migrations of several females – both human and animal – within, as well as in an out of Alaska, against a backdrop of climate change. Whether voluntary or forced, fluid or disrupted, new or age-old, these migrations will paint a picture of a world in flux where women emerge not as victims but as fighters. The actress will embody a series of characters including salmon, whales, climate refugees, Alaska Native teenagers trafficked for sex, and nature-starved professionals from the Lower 48 whose journeys expose our collective wounds as well as the strengths and resources we all possess to heal ourselves.


Research Gallery – Alaska, United States